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Personal facebook,instagram and LinkedIn data of 200m users exposed online

The leak, which also affected users of the LinkedIn networking app, included details of several celebrities and influencers who were identified personally. “In the company’s unsecured ElasticSearch database, at least 214 million people in social media around the world have personally identifiable information,” A source said.
“Without password protection or encoding our team found the server to be publicly displayed.”
Details from more than a million Instagram profiles, 81 million Facebook accounts and 66 million users of LinkedIn were included in this data.

Facebook profiles of another 55 million were also displayed, although information from these accounts were removed soon after the discovery

“The company’s lack of a security device meant that anyone who had an IP address could be able to access a database that contained millions of private information,” one source said

The Socialarks server included private information scrapped from profiles of people.

Data scraping is a way to hover information from the web using special software. It’s prohibited from service terms on Facebook and Instagram

Scraped data included names, profile photos, number of followers, locations, as well as email address and telephone number contact details.

The collection of data, such as your name or age, is often part of data holing.

Researchers don’t know how Socialarks get private, usually hidden data from people – such as contact detail

A source said, “The Socialarks database has stored Instagram and LinkedIn users’ personal data such as private phone numbers and email addresses to users who did not publicly disclose such information on their accounts,”

“The first step to Socialarks’ access to such data remains unknown.”

Researchers have also reported that data from several high-profile influencers’ Instagram accounts have been exposed.

They included leading food bloggers, famous people and other stars in the social media. The identities of those affected were not revealed by the security detectives.








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