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Rishi Sunak ‘refusing to sign off extra cash for social care reform

Rishi Sunak is said to be refusing to sign off on more funding for social care reform until Boris Johnson presents him with a plan that can address all of the system’s problems.

The Chancellor is said to have told Prime Minister that he needs to put forward proposals to address a wide range of social care issues, as the Treasury will not pay for a partial solution.

The PM favors putting a cap on care costs, which would allow the Conservatives to keep their manifesto promise of not forcing people to sell their homes to pay for care.

However, according to a source, Mr. Sunak is worried that the cap will not be enough to put the system on a long-term footing.

Other critical issues, such as increasingly strained council budgets and staff pay amid fears of staffing shortages, would be left unaffected by a cap.

According to a source, delivering care to everybody who requires it while also raising standards and lowering costs could cost the government £10 billion per year.

Mr. Sunak and Mr. Johnson are said to be at odds after the Prime Minister was unable to include a social care plan in the Queen’s Speech yesterday, causing a backlash.

‘We will solve the issue in social care once and for all with a concrete strategy we have prepared to offer every older individual the dignity and security they require,’ Johnson said in his first speech as premier on July 24, 2019.

However, there were only nine words about social care in the Queen’s Speech, which stated: ‘Proposals on social care reform will be brought forward.’

Senior Conservatives, including Theresa May, have criticized the lack of strategy, telling Mr. Johnson that social care is a “concern we need to comprehend.”


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