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Jay Blades reveals he has mentored Leigh-Anne Pinnock’ for years’

Jay Blades has revealed that he mentored Leigh-Anne Pinnock and that he still communicates with her on a daily basis.

During an appearance on Thursday’s episode of Lorraine, the 51-year-old Repair Shop star talked about his experiences with racism.

It arises after Leigh-Anne, 29, of Little Mix, spoke out about her own racism experience in the BBC documentary Race, Pop, and Power.

‘One of the young people I’ve mentored along the way is Leigh-Anne from Little Mix, and I’m still in contact with her every day,’ Jay said.

‘Rather than walking around with a chip on my shoulder and feeling bitter about life, it’s all about giving back because of the experience I’ve had,’ she says.
I believe I must demonstrate to young people that if I can overcome obstacles, so can they.

‘They made my life a living hell; the first time I encountered racism was in secondary school.
‘It spiralled out of control after I had a rude awakening that there were people who didn’t like me because of the colour of my skin.’

Jay has acted as a mentor to young people who have had similar experiences with racism as he has.

‘I often tell people that I’m like a pebble thrown into a pond,’ he said. Those ripples can occasionally become too short and return to the source.

‘When you mentor and give back to people without expecting anything in return, it can sometimes pay off, and Leigh-Anne is one of those young people I’ve mentored along the way.


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