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IAN LADYMAN: A legend in Liverpool now Gerrard is a GOD in Glasgow

Steven Gerrard started off as he usually does in such situations. There was a fleeting acknowledgment of the accomplishment, liberal praise for those around him, and future goals set.

When the cameras are rolling, he is never anything but switched on, always thinking about the words he says.
Gerrard, on the other hand, wasn’t giving the situation his full attention this time. His eyes kept darting to the right, indicating that he was distracted.

The Scottish Premiership trophy was on a table next to him. Gerrard is no stranger to lifting cups in May, having appeared in front of the press at Wembley, Cardiff, Dortmund, and Istanbul with silverware gleaming beside him.

His demeanor, however, was different this time. His face was like that of a child who had awoken on Christmas morning to discover the presence of their dreams; in a state of disbelief, they kept touching it to ensure it was real, fearful that it would be taken away.

Gerrard didn’t have to be concerned. Nobody was going to take this away from him. Under his outstanding leadership, the Rangers have had a season to remember — a historic campaign that will be remembered by coming generations.

Rangers became Invincibles after a 4-0 thrashing of Aberdeen in game 38, making them only the fourth Scottish team to do so.
They scored 92 goals and accumulated 102 points, while their stingy defense set records by keeping 26 clean sheets and allowing only 13 goals.

Gerrard’s initial reaction was to say that those figures would be used against his team in the future, but he softened after another look at the trophy.

For the first time, he spoke about the gravity of the situation, the intensity of the emotions. He had every right to savor every moment.


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