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Pub chief warns of a BEER shortage ahead of indoor reopening of bars

An industry chief has advised that pubs will face a beer scarcity ahead of Monday’s big restarting as brewers struggle to keep up with the huge surge in demand.

When the government loosens its ban on indoor hospitality for the first time this year, Britons are expected to flock back to pubs.

Experts announced earlier this week that to help pubs recover from more than a year of closures and restrictions, patrons would have to drink a whopping 124 pints this summer.

However, as per the boss of pub chain Young’s, an unexpected surge in demand ahead of Monday’s big reopening could create a new problem for the lockdown-ravaged industry: a beer scarcity.

When outdoor hospitality areas were permitted to restart last month, pubs revealed a scarcity of Amstel and Birra Morretti.

‘I posted to all the CEOs of all the brewers, saying, ‘We’ve been through enough now, we’re at the end of the road, and the last thing we want is a supply issue, so get your act together and brew as if you’ve never brewed before because it’s just not acceptable,’ Patrick Dardis said.
‘As soon as the pubs reopen, we expect supply to be there,’ he added.

From April 12, pubs were permitted to restart their outdoor areas. However, pubs without outdoor areas, as well as those with areas that are too small to justify restarting, have stayed closed.

When the latest round of lockdown measures are lifted tomorrow, 45,000 pubs will restart their indoor areas for the first time since December.

Restaurants will be able to welcome customers back for indoor sittings starting tomorrow, in addition to pubs and bars.

It will be a huge benefit for the hospitality industry, which has been hit by long spells of rain and wind since pubs were allowed to restart last month.


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