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Most won’t dare say it,but EVGENY LEBEDEV will: The Covid pandemic has revealed just how unhealthy Britons are

Around 55 million people die each year all over the world. Newsworthy events and major pandemics account for some deaths.
However, the majority of them, three-fifths, are due to common chronic inflammatory diseases.

Consider how the news would begin if the number of people who died from heart disease each day was the first item on the agenda.
Imagine if there was a frequent briefing on the prevalence of respiratory diseases at Downing Street.

Covid-19 has finally thrust the issue of the UK’s poor health into the spotlight, which had previously been confined to Harley Street nutritionists and Instagram influencers.

I gave my first speech to the House of Lords on Wednesday.
I talked about the tragedy of the pandemic’s high death toll in this country.
According to some estimates, the United Kingdom had the highest death rate per capita in the world in January.

We must ask ourselves why this happened; our massively successful vaccine rollout should not obscure how miserably the country fared against the virus.
Most politicians wouldn’t feel comfortable saying it, but I’ll say it anyway: Covid has disclosed how unhealthy Britons are.

We are Europe’s obesity hotspot. Diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory conditions have all failed to flatten their curves.

These, as well as economic disparity and social factors, have contributed greatly to our devastating death toll.

Covid-19 isn’t going away, no matter how much we try. The only concern is whether it will transform into a relatively harmless seasonal flu, or whether it will change shape into a new monster as a result of the uneven global vaccination process.
How can we be better equipped for the next pandemic, most importantly?

Much has been said about strengthening institutions, but citizens must also be strengthened in order to be better equipped to resist virus.


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