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The Pursuit of Love’s Emily Beecham talks about new-found fame

After starring in BBC’s hit show The Pursuit of Love, Emily Beecham has disclosed she hasn’t given much thought to her newfound fame.

As she spoke out about her co-stars Lily James and married Dominic West’s affair scandal, the actress, 37, who plays Fanny in the drama that premiered earlier this month, said she doesn’t think “people would be interested in chasing me around.”

Despite the success of the period drama, Emily said in a new interview that she intends to keep a low profile and keep her personal life private.

Emily’s co-stars Lily, 32, and Dominic, 51, were caught passionately kissing during a weekend in Rome in October, prompting his wife Catherine FitzGerald to reassure the public that they were fine – but reportedly restricting him from speaking to Emily again.

When questioned about the pair’s scandal, Emily stated that she has never encountered the same level of public scrutiny.

‘Perhaps it will happen right now, and I need to be ready.’ But what could possibly go wrong if you keep a low profile, are pleasant, and do your own thing?’ she stated
‘I can’t imagine anyone being that interested in following me around.’
Emily went on to discuss the weight of responsibility she felt as a lead in a period drama and how nervous she was to play Fanny.
Her off-screen friendship with co-star Lily, on the other hand, aided her in settling into the role.

Before filming began, the two would frequently Zoom each other, and when the cast finally met up in person, Emily said they all felt fortunate to be able to be there together, given the pandemic.

During her interview, Emily also mentioned the #MeToo movement, admitting that some of her friends were told to leave the set and return with more make-up on.


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