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Arlene Foster urges Boris Johnson to suspend Northen Ireland protocol if EU won’t give ground as she holds talks with PM in Downing street

During their meeting in Downing Street today, Arlene Foster encouraged Boris Johnson to ‘act’ quickly on the Northern Ireland protocol.

The outgoing First Minister claimed that the post-Brexit arrangements were causing “real damage” to connects with mainland Britain and that they needed to be “addressed.”

She also alerted that if the EU does not agree to a settlement that addresses unionist concerns, the Prime Minister may be forced to suspend the rules.

Mr. Johnson’s agreements have stoked sectarian tensions, with complaints that trade with mainland Britain has been harmed.

Lord Frost, the Brexit minister, has been scrambling to reach an agreement with the EU to ease the situation, alerting that checks could be eliminated unilaterally to guarantee ‘peace and prosperity.’

However, the dangers were laid bare yesterday when loyalists told MPs that violent action was not totally ruled out as a means of achieving change.

Arlene Foster told reporters outside No10 that Article 16 of the Brexit Treaty may need to be activated to put the protocol on hold.

‘We’ve always said that when the European Commission attempted to invoke Article 16 at the end of January, the Europeans were very pleased to do it in terms of vaccines and ensuring that they had sufficient vaccines,’ she said.

‘This is causing real harm to Northern Ireland, both in terms of trade and in terms of the union, and the Prime Minister must act, and I hope Lord Frost will present proposals very soon.’

‘I think the Prime Minister and Lord Forst have been paying attention, they have been placing out some very great statements in regards to dealing with the procedure,’ Mrs. Foster, who was recently deposed as DUP leader and was meeting the PM for the last time as First Minister, said.


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