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Peter Helliar compares his sex life to the Vin Diesel film The Fast and the Furious – and it leaves the cast of The Project in stitches

On Thursday night, The Project turned into anarchy, with the panel of panelists giggling hysterically and unable to talk.

The craziness began after a news report showed a Sydney man ripping open a safe he had discovered five years ago, only to find a solitary XXX-branded condom inside, probably a promotional item from Vin Diesel’s 2002 hit film of the same name.

‘It’s right there!’ Peter Helliar chuckled, ‘I’ve been looking everywhere for it!’
‘Were you not expecting anything in five years, Pete?’ Waleed Aly Share, the show’s host, inquired.
‘I mean, I’ve been married for 18 years, so!’ Pete said. ‘Conservative!’ says the speaker.
‘Your wife claimed you could have left it in the bedroom and it would have been fine,’ Kate Langbroek added.

‘I basically have another – I used another Vin Diesel movie condom that pretty much sums up who I am, and I feel like we’ve got it here!’ Before a picture of a Fast and Furious condom was leaked, Pete said.

‘Where do you put that, Pete?’ Kate inquired, before receiving the response, ‘Just in the pillowcase!’
‘Is it the idea to crack that one open in ten years?’ Waleed inquired.
Pete said, ‘Ten years, yeah.’
‘How can it only be 6:30?’ exclaimed Lisa Wilkinson, as Pete joked, ‘Find a segue, Lisa!’

Peter has been married to Bridget for about 18 years.
Liam, 18, Aidan, 16, and Oscar, 12, are the couple’s three children together.


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