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Thousands flood into China town after ‘vaccine bus’ advertised jabs

Lots of people flocked to London’s Chinatown today after a ‘vaccine bus’ promised Covid-19 vaccinations with no need for an appointment, NHS number, or identification.

After an ad on the Chinese Information and Advice Centre’s website announced that ‘undocumented migrants’ were welcome, adults crowded to the sidewalk outside a barbershop next to the little van.

‘A vaccine bus is accessible in London Chinatown to deliver free vaccine jabs to the community without appointment,’ according to the advertisement. Date: May 27, 2021 (Thursday) Time: 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. The following items are NOT required: NHS number, proof of address, or personal identification. Migrants who are undocumented are also welcome. Keep yourself safe! Vaccinate yourself!

Volunteer organizations have been enlisted to help run vaccine buses in places where take-up has been low, such as Luton and Bolton, but the demand in Chinatown is the biggest seen so far.

Covid-19 vaccinations are only available through the NHS website or at a GP clinic, and it’s unclear whether the vaccine supplied was one of the three permitted vaccines. Those who aren’t qualified have been instructed to hold off until they are contacted.
People in England can currently only get the vaccine if they are 30 years old or older, will turn 30 before July 1, are clinically fragile, have a learning disability, or work in a frontline health or social care setting.

You can also get one if you receive a carer’s payment, receive support as a result of a council assessment, or if your GP record identifies you as a caregiver. Non-official clinicians have been warned not to offer the vaccine to patients.

Despite concern that the rapid spread of the Indian version could jeopardize plans to reduce lockdown restrictions next month, promising evidence suggested Britain’s coronavirus outbreak may not be spiraling out of control.


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